StorM32 NT IMU Module v2.0 (Discontinued)


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This IMU version is superseded by v2.5 – Please check here.


  • IMU Input voltage: 2 – 5.5 V.
  • Compatible with StorM32 version: 2.03-NT and higher.
  • Board dimensions: 14mm x 20mm x 2mm.

LED Status:

  • 1Hz blink – OK, camera IMU setting.
  • double-blink – OK, 2nd IMU setting.
  • triple-blink – OK, 3rd IMU setting.
  • 5Hz fast blinking – Error status. The controller is
    unable communicate with MPU6050 chip.

3rd/2nd/Camera IMU setting:
The module works as a camera IMU by default,
to set it as a 2nd IMU, the „2nd IMU“ solder bridge
should be shorted. If you require to set it as a 3rd IMU,
there is a small solder pad near the 2nd IMU jumper, you will need to short it to ground pin.

Firmware Updates and Info:
Currently modules are sold with the latest firmware. Check here for updates.

Instructions will be provided when new version will be released.

– A tested and working StorM32 NT V2.0 IMU Module with latest firmware (tested against SToRM32 v2.03).
– No additional wires.

Additional information

Accelerometer Calibration

Uncalibrated, 6-point Embedded Factory Calibration


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