StorM32 NT Motor Driver


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  • NT Bus Input voltage: 2 – 5.5 V.
  • Driver chip: DRV8313
  • PWM Control Frequency: 32khz
  • BAT pin absolute max input voltage: 60V
  • BAT pin min input voltage: 7V
  • BAT pin recommended min voltage: 8V
  • RMS Output Current (A): 1.75A
  • RDS(ON) (HS + LS) (mOhms): 480 mOhm
  • Operating Temperature Range (C): -40 to +85C
  • Compatible with StorM32 version: 2.03-NT and higher.
  • Board dimensions: 27 x 26mm

LED Status:

  • 1 Hz steady blink – Module is not receiving NT bus data
  • single-blink – Status OK, Pitch Setting
  • double-blink –Status OK, Roll Setting
  • triple-blink –Status OK, Yaw Setting


There are two ports for NT bus connection (VCC,TX,RX,GND) which allows daisy chaining the modules. The signals are connected inside the module (VCC-to-VCC, TX-to-TX, etc.). BLDC motor connects to the BLDC motor port, this is the same as in the STorM32 controller. Wires can be connected in any order, which only affects the motor spin direction. If motor spins in the opposite direction, use “reverse” mode in STorM32 GUI utility.

Pitch/Roll/Yaw setting:
The module works as pitch motor controller by default,
to set it as a roll or yaw motor driver, the following solder bridges must be shorted appropriately shown in the picture.



On version v1.0, TX and RX are reversed on the silkscreen. Correct order is shown below.


Firmware Updates and Info:
As new features or bug fixes will be added, we will notify our clients.

– A tested and working StorM32 NT Motor driver with latest firmware (tested against SToRM32 v2.03).
– No additional wires.


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