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StorM32 NT Motor Module v2.50E SQ [GD32]


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This is a slightly modified design based on OlliW v2.50E SQ board layout. All the features documented in the Storm32 project are available.


  • MCU: GD32C103TBU6 (see caveats)
  • BAT Input voltage: 7 – 25 V
  • Preinstalled firmware version: o323bgc_ntmotor_v040f_module_v2x_f103t8_patched.bin (since 2021.10.13)
  • Driver chip: DRV8313
  • RMS Output Current (A): 1.75A
  • RDS(ON) (HS + LS) (mOhms): 480 mOhm
  • Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85C



This module is based on GigaDevice MCU GD32C103T which is functionally nearly identical to STM32F103T, however as of 2021.10 the stock firmware has a problem with flash memory storage. This is mitigated by modifying the motor firmware. This MCU is tested and motor module functions are fully working.

Another caveat is the flash NT module feature from the Storm32 GUI is not working because this MCU has a slightly different ID. This can be mitigated by flashing using SWD. Blackmagic debugger firmware can be used to flash this mcu with a st-link.

./blackmagic -w '/o323bgc_ntmotor_v040f_module_v2x_f103t8.bin'

As/when/if the global semiconductor situation normalizes this product will be available with the better supported parts.


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