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STorM32 NT IMU Module v4


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  • IMU Input voltage: 3 – 12 V.
  • Compatible with StorM32 version: 2.03-NT and higher.
  • Board dimensions: 11.7mm x 17.5mm x 2mm.
  • Sensor: LSM6DS3
  • Oversampling with anti-alias filtering (3.3kHz)
  • 2mm mounting holes

LED Status:

  • 1Hz blink – OK, camera IMU setting.
  • double-blink – OK, 2nd IMU setting.
  • triple-blink – OK, 3rd IMU setting.
  • 5Hz fast blinking – Error status. The controller is
    unable communicate with IMU chip.

3rd/2nd/Camera IMU setting:
The module works as a camera IMU by default,
to set it as a 2nd IMU, the „2nd IMU“ solder bridge
should be shorted. To set it as a 3rd IMU, the „3rd IMU“ solder bridge
should be shorted.

– A tested and working StorM32 NT V4.0 IMU Module with latest firmware.


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