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StorM32 Li-x LED Battery Monitor


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This is a LED battery monitor which uses STorM32 controller’s UART port to retrieve battery voltage and display the state of charge using LEDs. This device accounts for voltage-charge non-linearity of lithium-ion/polymer batteries. It also displays the state of STorM32 controller. When the STorM32 is in SETTLE and LEVEL states the LEDs perform nice animations to indicate that the gimbal is calibrating.

This device is especially useful for handheld gimbals, which gives the operator information about the state of the battery.


  • Battery: Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer, 3s, 4s auto detect
  • Fully charged condition: 12.6V for 3s, 16.8V for 4s
  • Fully discharged condition: <= 10V for 3s, 13V for 4s
  • UART baud rate: 38400
  • Current consumption: up to 100mA when LEDs are fully lit
  • Voltage range: 3.3V – 5V
  • Contains ATMega8A MCU for custom applications


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