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StorM32 NT Motor Module v3x


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Very compact 3 motor driver for Storm32 NT system. It features a DC-DC converter which stabilizes the voltage to 10V for 3x STSPIN233 motor driver chips, which run from 1.8V to 10V. This provides a stable voltage to the motors in a battery powered situation.

17.5mm x 32.0mm

STEP 3D Model [onshape link]

Electrical specifications:

  • Input voltage: up to 17V
  • Regulated voltage to motor drivers: 10V
  • Total output current for all motors: 2A RMS (limited by DC-DC converter power dissipation)
  • Max 3.3V output current: 200mA
  • Connectors: 1.25mm Molex PicoBlade compatible.
    NT-X connector for power and NT BUS and additional 3.3V auxiliary power output.


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