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ENSYS SToRM32 V3.3 Board (Beta)


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This SToRM32 3.3 Board is compatible with OlliW SToRM32 3.3 Design and v3.3 Firmware. 

This board has no motor drivers; NT motor modules need thus be used.

Main differences to OlliW design:

  • NT ant NT-X conntectors are 1.25mm Molex Picoblade. 4 pin and 7 pin respectively. This is due to better part sourcing availablility.
  • Slightly different 2.54mm pinout.
  • CH340 USB-Serial IC instead of Silabs IC.
  • Added reverse polarity protection.
  • Lower max input voltage (17V instead of 27V)

3D CAD Model Link [STEP file available]

Download CH340 Drivers (Windows 7, 8, 10 64bit)


  • MCU: STM32F103RC at 72 MHz
  • Motor drivers: none
  • 2 NT ports and one NT-X port
  • Board dimensions: 40 mm x 25 mm, 35 mm bolt to bolt, holes Ø3 mm
  • Maximum BAT Input voltage: 6-17V
  • +5V Nominal Output Voltage: 5.5V
  • +5V Rail Max Output Current: 1A
  • +3.3V Rail Max Output Current: 100mA
  • USB Serial Interface: CH340 (Download Drivers)




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