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STorM32 WiFi NT Logger Module (beta)


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Please note: This is a beta product and it may contain some bugs or issues, so if you are experiencing any issues or have some questions, please contact us directly or post on the Storm32 NT thread on RCGroups.

STorM32 WiFi NT logger is the go-to tool to debug STorM32 based gimbals. It records and sends full-speed raw data which is communicated on NT bus over WiFi. Data is collected with ENSYS Host tool which is provided on this page. The host tool records data in .log file format which OlliW’s NTLoggerTool can load for analysis. Later versions of NTLoggerTool by OlliW will support real-time streaming from the ENSYS NT logger.

ENSYS NT Logger Module firmware upgrade is updated with hassle-free OTA update method. No wires need to be connected, just the module powered, PC connected to it and the update process can be initiated.

How to Use:

When powered the module appears as a Wifi Access Point named “ENSYS NT Logger”. The user then needs to connect to this access point using the passkey writted on the module itself. When connected the user should launch the ENSYS Host tool and if everything is detected correctly – press start to start recording data. Later that log file can be imported into OlliW’s NTLoggerTool for analysis.

LED Indication:

Underside LED indicates NT bus data status. If the LED is brightly lit it means NT bus data is successfully received by the module, after data transmission is started the LED becomes dimmed. If no valid NT bus data is received the LED will stay OFF.

ENSYS NT Logger Host Tool Download:

Windows 64bit – Download (2016.12.05)
Linux 64bit – To Be Added
Android APK – In development

Firmware Download:

To Be Added

Screenshots (Windows/Linux):

loggerscreen screenshot_2016-12-05_21-18-49


  • Current consumption: up to 200mA
  • Input voltage: 5V – 12V (limited due to thermal dissipation)
  • Standard: 802.11g (AP Mode)
  • SSID: ENSYS NT Logger
  • Passkey: Printed on the silkscreen
  • Nominal NT bus data rate: ~100KB/s

Please note that STorM32 3.3V power output is insufficient to power the logger, a stable 5V UBEC is needed!


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