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New WiFI Camera Control Prototype

Hello, friends!

We would like to announce that we are developing a new gadget that will help the drone flyers and gimbal users. It’s a WiFI camera controller with multiple camera support. Currently we’ve developed support for Xiaomi Yi camera and code for GoPro is on the way. Sony and Panasonic camera support is also on the horizon.

The basic idea is that this unit will be attached on the drone and will communicate short-range with the camera. Basically any camera with WiFI API could be supported. Also camera suggestions are very welcome. Supported camera can have focus, zoom, ISO, aperture, exposure, etc.. controls over WiFI .

Currently the control signals planned are through serial bus (TX, RX) – coming directly from the flight controller over MAVLink (CAMERA_CONTROL packets, and or RC_INPUT, which allow to use RC inputs on MAVLink enabled flight controllers such as Pixhawk), STorM32-NT bus support for triggering the camera, custom simple serial protocol for programmers, controlling the camera from HTTP Web interface, RC PPM/PWM inputs in the future.

The configuration of the module will be done over a web interface.

Once turned on the module will work as an unsecured access point, the user will then need to connect over a smart device and access the configuration page. There he can set the Access Point password, search for other WiFI networks, connect to the camera’s network and the camera should be auto-detected and work out of the box.

Firmware updates will also be super simple. The user will need to connect to a network with internet access and initiate the OTA update process via the web interface.


Power: 3.3V – 5V
WiFI standard: 802.11bgn
Working current: less than 80mA
Firmware updates: OTA over the internet
Size: approx. 4cm x 3cm (less than 20g)
Case: 3D printed small case
Starting price: ~25 Eur

[Photos soon]

Please post comments and suggestions what your use case would be and what camera would you like to control.


  1. engin

    Hi, I am from turkey. I want to buy StorM32 NT IMU Module v2.0. But I can not pay via paypal. Because of pay pal doesnt use in turkey now. How can I buy different way. Thanks.

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