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IMU calibration service is now available

Hello, STorM32 users!

We now have IMU 6-point calibration service. When purchasing an IMU module you can now select an option to order a 6-point factory calibrated  IMU module, which will save you time when building your next gimbal! Calibrations are done in 25C room-temperature environment, therefore additional calibration using SToRM32 GUI utility may be neccessary if using the module in harsh temperatures.

The calibration data is stored inside the module, so no additional calibration is required – It’s plug and play!

Order now!


    • walmis

      You can use the regular SToRM32 in built calibration tool. Our method is one-time programmable so it’s not useful to perform this for the end user. Unless you purchase pre-calibrated imu modules, just use the default calibration tool.

      Storm32 does not write to the module, but it stores calibration data in itself and applies corrections to imu data.


  1. Samuel

    HI i am loocking for my nex gimbal a solution for fixing the i2C error so my question is it possible to get the new imu from you on my board version 1.3?
    sounds perhabs stupid but i have truble to get throug the contacktring in my yaw motor.
    plz help


    • walmis

      Hello, Samuel,
      Yes you can use NT modules on 1.3 board. You will need to flash NT firmware to the storm32 board. And connect the NT bus through i2c1 port. You can find more information in storm32 wiki.

    • walmis

      We will have IMUs with connectors available on our next batch. Don’t know the exact date, but in the coming months hopefully.
      You will have to solder the 4 wires at the moment.

    • walmis

      You probably have VCC and GND connections reversed. When you connect the module, the current goes through the protection diodes and whole system is short-circuited.

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