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Hello World!

Welcome to our engineering blog. Here you may find posts about our projects and cool stuff we are working on and also purchase cool electronics gadgets and parts.


  1. antoine

    I order 3 NT motor module to use on a storm32. I see how is wired the NT to the Storm32 but I can’t figure out how is connecting the motors and how power them?
    Sorry, I am new to build gimbal, just build drone, rov with ESC+motors so here it’s not the same. I didn’t find this on forum.
    If you can help me with a schema how is connecting Storm32—NT—motors . How power all this. I appreciate.
    Thanks a lot from France
    (sorry if it’s not here to post question)

    • walmis

      Hi, Antoine,

      You connect the motor to the driver by connecting the 3 motor wires. Wire order is irrelevant, since you can correct the normal-reverse motor direction setting on the StorM32 GUI.
      You power the modules by supplying 3.3-5V through VCC pin of NT bus, and connecting GND and BAT+ from your main supply voltage.

      If it’s still unclear for you, let me know.

      Best regards.

  2. antoine

    I post here because other can be interested 🙂
    I want to be sure about jumper for roll and yaw on NT motor. I can’t really see on the picture.
    You have 3 position on the card 1-left / 2-middle / 3- right under the status led :
    bridge 1+2 = yaw mot module
    bridge 2+3 = roll mot module

    and no bridge = pitch
    Is that correct?
    And I really wait for the wifi camera module, great if you do that for Sony wifi camera as we can develope with sony SDK after. Really nice job thanks

  3. 7dster

    Hi, I have ordered from you two NT motor drivers and would like to design a housing for 3D printing. Can you tell me how thick the circuit boards are with components? So I could start with the design before the parts are with me. Sorry for my bad english (Google translator).

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