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Christmas came early this year

Today we received a batch of PCBs which we ordered about three weeks ago. After first successful sellout of NT bus IMUs for SToRM32 brushless gimbal controller, we decided to shrink the NT IMUs from 24x16mm to 20x14mm which makes these possibly the smallest NT IMUsĀ in the world (that I know of) at the time of this writing.

Another good news we have received a prototype board for STorM32 NT Bus motor driver which will need some programming love soon enough. It will have an LPC1111 microcontroller at it’s heart and a DRV8313 as a brushless motor driver.

As for NT IMUs, we started soldering them and they will be available in our shop very soon for sale. Preorders are welcome.



4 thoughts on “Christmas came early this year

  1. What are the dimensions of the motor module? I’m wondering if it could be affixed to a 16mm/19mm gimbal motor mount hole pattern.

  2. Motor module will be 27mm x 27 mm or round with diameter of 27 mm. Among the small holes is 18mm among larg holes is 24mm (horizontally and vertically). Holes are symmetrical

  3. What motor size can you driver with your board? Does it need additional cooking for a 5008 Motor?


    1. It will handle 5008 motor with no problem. Our board uses DRV8313 motor drivers (the same as used in Alexmos controllers). No additional cooling is required.

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