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Everything about StorM32 NT IMU


Hello, before using our “ENSYS” V1.0 IMU’s keep sure you know everything about them. Literally, you can ask everything what is unclear for you.

– IMU Input voltage: 2 – 5.5 V.
– Compatible with StorM32 version: 2.03-NT and higher.
– Board dimensions: 17mm x 24mm x 2.1mm.

LED Status:
– 1 Hz blink – OK, bottom (camera) IMU setting.
– 0.5 Hz blink – OK, top IMU setting.
– 5 Hz fast blink – Error status. The controller is unable communicate with MPU6050 chip.

Top/Bottom IMU settings:
Module works as bottom (camera) IMU by default, to set it as TOP IMU, solder bridge (showed in photo) should be shorted. If you require to get TOP IMU, write message while ordering, we will short it.

Important note:
Version 1.0 module has an error on the back silkscreen print which says “VCC RX TX GND” it should be reversed: “GND RX TX VCC”. Your responsibility if you connect it in wrong way.

Firmware Updates and Info:
Storm32-NT-IMU is tested with newest firmware. There is no new version at the moment.

Instructions will be provided when new version will be released.

– StorM32 NT IMU CHIP with newest firmware.
– No additional wires.

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