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Author: walmis

New Products for STorM32!

WiFI NT Logger (beta)


STorM32 WiFi NT logger is the go-to tool to debug STorM32 based gimbals. It records and sends full-speed raw data which is communicated on NT bus over WiFi. Data is collected with ENSYS Host tool. The host tool records data in .log file format which OlliW’s NTLoggerTool can load for analysis. Later versions of NTLoggerTool by OlliW will support real-time streaming from the ENSYS NT logger.

NT IMU Modules v2.5


The updated design IMU modules now available. It’s now possible to customize the modules further – Choosing the connector type, calibration, including an additional wire.

LED Battery Indicator


The LED battery monitor uses STorM32 controller’s UART port to retrieve battery voltage and display the state of charge using LEDs. This device accounts for voltage-charge non-linearity of lithium-ion/polymer batteries. It also displays the state of STorM32 controller. When the STorM32 is in SETTLE and LEVEL states the LEDs perform nice animations to indicate that the gimbal is calibrating.

New WiFI Camera Control Prototype

Hello, friends!

We would like to announce that we are developing a new gadget that will help the drone flyers and gimbal users. It’s a WiFI camera controller with multiple camera support. Currently we’ve developed support for Xiaomi Yi camera and code for GoPro is on the way. Sony and Panasonic camera support is also on the horizon.

The basic idea is that this unit will be attached on the drone and will communicate short-range with the camera. Basically any camera with WiFI API could be supported. Also camera suggestions are very welcome. Supported camera can have focus, zoom, ISO, aperture, exposure, etc.. controls over WiFI .

Currently the control signals planned are through serial bus (TX, RX) – coming directly from the flight controller over MAVLink (CAMERA_CONTROL packets, and or RC_INPUT, which allow to use RC inputs on MAVLink enabled flight controllers such as Pixhawk), STorM32-NT bus support for triggering the camera, custom simple serial protocol for programmers, controlling the camera from HTTP Web interface, RC PPM/PWM inputs in the future.

The configuration of the module will be done over a web interface.

Once turned on the module will work as an unsecured access point, the user will then need to connect over a smart device and access the configuration page. There he can set the Access Point password, search for other WiFI networks, connect to the camera’s network and the camera should be auto-detected and work out of the box.

Firmware updates will also be super simple. The user will need to connect to a network with internet access and initiate the OTA update process via the web interface.


Power: 3.3V – 5V
WiFI standard: 802.11bgn
Working current: less than 80mA
Firmware updates: OTA over the internet
Size: approx. 4cm x 3cm (less than 20g)
Case: 3D printed small case
Starting price: ~25 Eur

[Photos soon]

Please post comments and suggestions what your use case would be and what camera would you like to control.

IMU calibration service is now available

Hello, STorM32 users!

We now have IMU 6-point calibration service. When purchasing an IMU module you can now select an option to order a 6-point factory calibrated  IMU module, which will save you time when building your next gimbal! Calibrations are done in 25C room-temperature environment, therefore additional calibration using SToRM32 GUI utility may be neccessary if using the module in harsh temperatures.

The calibration data is stored inside the module, so no additional calibration is required – It’s plug and play!

Order now!

Firmware update for “Cannot calibrate IMU” problem

Some of you may have received IMU units which are unable to calibrate properly. We found the cause that some older MPU6050 chips slipped in which have different accelerometer scaling register values, we did not notice this at the time, but all the new IMUs ordered should not have this problem.

To fix this you will have to update the firmware on your module. To do this you will need.

  1. A computer
  2. USB-TTL Serial adapter

You will need to download flashing utility from NXP here:

Connect NT Module TX -> USB-TTL RX and NT Module RX -> USB-TTL TX

then short the little solder bridge on the other side of the module (labelled BOOT on v2 modules), recommend using tweezers to do it, while the module is powered. You will need to just touch and short both pins.

Once done the LED should be very faintly lit, now the module is ready for flashing.

NXP Flash Magic

Open up Flash Magic utility. COM port will need to be set to your USB-TTL adapter. Baud rate 57600.

Load up the HEX file. Now it should program and verify the firmware.

If somehow you mess up, don’t worry. Short the solder bridge like before and then power up the module (while the solder bridge is shorted), the module will enter programming mode, and you can retry programming it.

Good luck!

Download: Contact us at for firmware files.

Everything about StorM32 NT IMU


Hello, before using our “ENSYS” V1.0 IMU’s keep sure you know everything about them. Literally, you can ask everything what is unclear for you.

– IMU Input voltage: 2 – 5.5 V.
– Compatible with StorM32 version: 2.03-NT and higher.
– Board dimensions: 17mm x 24mm x 2.1mm.

LED Status:
– 1 Hz blink – OK, bottom (camera) IMU setting.
– 0.5 Hz blink – OK, top IMU setting.
– 5 Hz fast blink – Error status. The controller is unable communicate with MPU6050 chip.

Top/Bottom IMU settings:
Module works as bottom (camera) IMU by default, to set it as TOP IMU, solder bridge (showed in photo) should be shorted. If you require to get TOP IMU, write message while ordering, we will short it.

Important note:
Version 1.0 module has an error on the back silkscreen print which says “VCC RX TX GND” it should be reversed: “GND RX TX VCC”. Your responsibility if you connect it in wrong way.

Firmware Updates and Info:
Storm32-NT-IMU is tested with newest firmware. There is no new version at the moment.

Instructions will be provided when new version will be released.

– StorM32 NT IMU CHIP with newest firmware.
– No additional wires.

Christmas came early this year

Today we received a batch of PCBs which we ordered about three weeks ago. After first successful sellout of NT bus IMUs for SToRM32 brushless gimbal controller, we decided to shrink the NT IMUs from 24x16mm to 20x14mm which makes these possibly the smallest NT IMUs in the world (that I know of) at the time of this writing.

Another good news we have received a prototype board for STorM32 NT Bus motor driver which will need some programming love soon enough. It will have an LPC1111 microcontroller at it’s heart and a DRV8313 as a brushless motor driver.

As for NT IMUs, we started soldering them and they will be available in our shop very soon for sale. Preorders are welcome.